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loved+blessed® provides community, tools and practical tips, that help you develop faith-based habits that make choosing joy and living encouraged achievable every single day.  

This community is our private social network.  It's our safe space online, away from traditional social media, where we gather to encourage each other and be encouraged.

After you request to join, you'll be sent a email notification that you've been added to the community.

Our online community is free to join. Inside you'll also find special content, courses, tools and resources available for purchase. 

About Us

We've found that gathering with other down-to-earth women who are willing to share their stories, share practical tips, pray with you and laugh at the craziness of life helps us make it through the tough times.

Just like our in-person Uplift Gathering events, we pray that this online community is a reflection of what Heaven will be like.  Filled with women of every age, race, ethnicity, denomination, socio-economic status, life experience and more.  All that matters here is that you love Jesus.

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Community Guidelines


  • Introduce yourself, share what area of your life you most need encouragement in right now
  • Treat everyone with kindness, respect and love
  • Share your prayer requests 
  • Comment, encourage and pray for others
  • Share encouraging thoughts, scriptures, pictures, videos
  • Share funny videos and memes that will make us smile
  • Post pictures of your loved+blessed boxes and share how they’ve encouraged you
  • Post stories of how you’ve used your encouragement kits to encourage others
  • Join in discussion topics and connect with other loved+blessed ladies in your area
  • Join in live chats and dive into the Course Library full of resources and more!


  • Be rude, mean or disrespectful
  • Share any confidential information in your prayer request
  • Post pictures or comments regarding politics or political issues (there are plenty of other places online where you can do that)
  • Share divisive posts about particular denominations, pastors, Christian leaders, authors, etc
  • Post promotions, advertisements, links to your website, blog, online store, Facebook page or other social media channels
  • Post opt in offers, coupons, discounts or affiliate links for products
  • Try to recruit or solicit fundraising or charitable contributions of any kind
  • Use this group for loved+blessed customer service questions or issues. Instead please contact: [email protected]

One of the best things about this community is the level of openness, caring and sincerity of all the women.  We put loving each other as sisters-in-Christ over everything that could divide us. We protect our community fiercely, so if you break any of the “DON'T” rules we will delete your post/comment. At our discretion you will either receive a warning or be immediately removed from the group.

Now that you’ve read all the fine print, let the fun and fellowship begin! We can’t wait to meet you inside!